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More time enjoying your collection.
Less time maintaining it.

No more summer heat degrading leather, plastics, and tires.

From simple storage to premium services designed around your needs, we can do it.

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Welcome to Petrol Lounge

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Why Choose Us?

We offer a solution that is unlike any other. From our owners to our employees, we have decades of experience in the automotive and motorsport communities. We know what it takes to keep your Ferrari running well just as we know what alignment settings you need for your vintage race car. We know that sometimes the pride and joy in your collection isn't the one people expect, and while it may not be worth much on paper, it's irreplaceable to you. Our expertise allows us to craft an ownership experience that allows you to enjoy your car on your terms. We worry about the details so you don't have to.

What is the Petrol Lounge?

  • Our Philosophy

    We want to manage your automotive assets. From a large collection of automobiles or just a single weekend car, we can craft a solution that works for you. We want your ownership experience to be painless and easy. Let us worry about the details while you simply relax and enjoy the ride.

  • Where conventional storage fails

    Cars don't like to sit. By leaving a classic or exotic parked for extended periods of time, you risk not being able to drive it when the desire strikes. Temperature fluctuations cause hoses to deteriorate, tires to rot, and interior glues to decompose. Parts lose lubrication, batteries drain, and oil breaks down while your car sits unused. You may not even be aware of these issues until it's too late. When you store with us, your car is always ready to drive and exactly as you'd expect.

  • Our Company Mission

    Our mission is to provide you the easiest automotive ownership experience possible. We want you to enjoy your cars, not feel owned by them.

  • Our Promise

    Whatever it takes, we'll make it happen. Do you need your car at Laguna Seca instead of Circuit of the Americas? We can make that happen. Need us to manage your cars on site at your location? We can do that. Need a 1981 DeLorean to complete your collection? We can find that. Need someone to finish off the restoration of your Lotus or make your race car run? We can manage that too. Need something we're not offering? Ask us. We'll make it happen.

Check Out Our Benefits!

  • Proximity to downtown Austin 
  • Private, secure location 
  • Staff with expertise in fine automobiles 
  • One Stop Solution 

Meet Our Team!

Person 1

Jack McCauley

Managing Partner

Cofounder, visionary. Jack McCauley is a successful product director with over 10 years of experience. He is also very active in the motorsports community, and has seen a need for this business for several years. He brings expertise in market knowledge and in product execution and direction. Jack has been racing and instructing performance driving for over 15 years, and has made many strong contacts in the automotive community.

Jack is currently wondering if his Aston Martin was really the right purchase.

Person 2

Randy Whitten

Managing Partner

Cofounder, logistics. Randy Whitten has a demonstrated excellence in managing technology based operations. He is also active in the automotive and motorsports community and a member of both the Ferrari Owner's Club and the Porsche Owner's Club. He brings market knowledge and an expertise in client relations. He has been autocrossing not too competitively since 1992, and an HPDE instructor for over 10 years.

Randy recently purchased his first Ferrari and is learning that if you can afford to buy two, you can afford to own one.

Person 3

Glen Nordell

Operations Manager

Glen has over a decade of experience managing valet operations at many high end restaurants and hotels in the Austin area, including The Four Seasons Hotel and Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Glen knows premium automobiles and premium clientele and his contacts and automotive knowledge are second to none. Like a hotel concierge, if he can't procure directly what you need, he knows someone who can.

We haven't found a car yet that he hasn't driven, but he can usually be found driving his personal yellow Lotus Elise.

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Our base level service starts at $295 a month and includes storage in our secure, climate controlled facility, weekly starting and inspection, battery tender service, and 24/7 access (10a-7p Monday through Friday and any other time by appointment)

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